Del Taco is making fresh guac now, and you can get it for free

Behold, the new and improved guacamole.
Behold, the new and improved guacamole.
Photo: Del Taco

In these (sorry to be a broken record here) unprecedented times, it’s truly the little things that get us through the slog of existential despair. The fantastical magic of summertime rainbows and fireflies! The wonders of air conditioning and sports bras! The free-ness of chips and fresh guacamole at Del Taco!


That’s right, everyone, Del Taco is now offering fresh guacamole made with nothing but ripe avocados, handmade pico de gallo, fresh-squeezed lime juice, and mysterious “special seasoning” (we promise it’s not arsenic). A very exciting development for Del Taco and Del Taco enthusiasts. You’ll be able to buy it with a side of chips any damn time you want for about two bucks. Add it to your taco or burrito. Request it in a large soft drink cup and drink it with a straw (if only because I’m curious to see if this is permitted). At these prices, Del Taco is hoping that cost shall never again keep you away from glorious fresh guacamole. And as far as cost is concerned, you can’t beat “free”: if you download the Del Taco app between now and July 1, you can get chips and guac free with any purchase. A press release promises us it’s as good as Chipotle’s, but that’s up to you to determine.

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Burners Baby Burners: Discussion Inferno

Del Taco’s been making fresh guacamole for almost a year now, I have the emails and the free coupons to prove it. Sept 24th, 2019. It was good, I’m not sure it was significantly better than their premade guac, but it’s pretty decent for fast food guac and if you like avocados it’s a good way to get them since the guac isn’t evenly mashed.

Honestly, for a fast food chain on the cheap side that started 56 years ago in Yermo, CA (it’s a tiny town with a population lower than its altitude on the 15 between LA and Vegas), they deliver pretty well on the basics.