Man who drunkenly fell onto subway track sues restaurant for $2 million

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A D.C. man fell onto the Metro tracks in June 2017 after a particularly boisterous dinner at a nearby Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant. He sustained considerable injuries including “multiple facial fractures and severe head trauma.” He is now suing the chain for $2 million, claiming that he was overserved.


NBC4 in Washington D.C. reports that a man alleged the staff of an area Maggiano’s “continued to sell him drinks after he ‘visibly appeared to be intoxicated.’” The report notes that the Metro can be tricky, citing a previous series of patrons falling off escalators or platforms: In the past, “Metro has warned passengers they can be too drunk to try to ride the system, risking falls.”

The American Bar Association refers to “dram shop acts,” which allow “an injured party to successfully sue a provider of alcoholic beverages” if at the time of the injury, “it was apparent to the alcohol provider that the person receiving the alcoholic beverage was already intoxicated” to the point where they presented a clear danger to themselves and others. The legislation of these acts varies from state to state. A D.C. federal judge will decide if the case can move forward.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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Personal responsibility is not my responsibility!”

Also, if you’re getting sloshed at a chain restaurant, the problem started with you long before the booze was flowing. I like Maggiano’s for what it is, but come on now.