Last Call: Dairy farmers ditch milk for beer, and how to be more productive

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Dairy farmers find a lifeline: Beer

A brewer cleans the inside of a mash tun.
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American dairy farmers are having a very rough go of it lately, for reasons we’ve reported on before. But some are finding a secondary beverage that’s way more profitable than milk: beer. Beer writer and friend of The Takeout Josh Bernstein explores the rise in dairy farm breweries in this interesting New York Times piece. [Kate Bernot]

Productivity Game

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I used to be just a writer, but now that I’m running a website with a staff, I’ve been obsessed with reading books about productivity and business. There’s a YouTube channel called Productivity Game and it’s remarkably helpful—the best business books are synthesized into eight-minute videos, illustrated with animations and drawings, in a lucid and accessible way. I even subscribe to the free newsletter, which breaks down each book into a one-page PDF. [Kevin Pang]

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