Crispy microwaved bacon, science's final hurdle, may be within reach

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Mankind found a way to send humans to the moon. Mankind turned 1's and 0's into a world wide web. Mankind discovered a vaccination to eradicate smallpox. And yet, for all the innumerable, incredible achievements of mankind, we have not successfully made crispy bacon in the microwave.

A British food packaging company, however, claims to have manufactured a pack that will allow home cooks to microwave bacon to its crispy potential. The company offering this is Sirane (h/t The Spoon), which will be selling the Sira-Cook Crispy Bacon Packs with bacon already packaged, or just the pack itself for home-cooks to insert their bacon of choice. The company claims “the absorbent board within the pack will absorb the hot fat released by the bacon during cooking.”


We’d be remissed if we didn’t express some skepticism. The photo above tweeted by the company doesn’t look too appetizing. The British interpretation of bacon is of the rasher-variety—less fat, more lean meat, shaped like an elongated pork chop. Maybe it’s just the bacon used, but we’d like to see crunchy pieces of “streaky” bacon tested before offering our full-throated endorsement.