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How the hell did we never think of the crisp sandwich?

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Back in college, I used the dining hall more as a place for foraging for food than actually eating it. But somehow, it never occurred to me to make a potato chip sandwich. The Guardian has published a guide to the preparation and consumption of this particular sandwich—“crisps” in British—and it sounds delicious. And now I’m mad. How did I never think of this?


If you are as unimaginative as I am, this piece has everything you need to fill this particular gap in lazy, dorm-room-style cuisine, from the best type of bread to an analysis of the benefits of butter versus mayo to an explanation of why you need to use potato chips, never anything corn-based. Plus ideal drink pairings. What more do you need?

Aimee Levitt is associate editor of The Takeout.

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If the crisp sandwich was a surprise to you, prepare to have your mind blown: When my husband was in college he and his cousin were roommates and invented the Idahoan Sandwich, which was a hashbrown patty between two slices of bread. Not sure if they used mayo or butter. I think I’d use mayo.