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This week Cracker Barrel released its third-quarter fiscal report, and it is really, really, really, really not good (really). Cracker Barrel has remained open for pick-up and delivery during the coronavirus crisis, has has since reopened 505 of its 664 dining rooms for socially-distanced sit-down dining. In the narrow-margined restaurant business, every single table counts, so even with operating reduced-capacity dining room, things are not looking up.


“I think everyone is having trouble predicting what’s going to happen,” said CEO Sandra B. Cochran in a call with investors on Tuesday morning.

One move that Cracker Barrel is hoping will make an impact on check totals is a new beer and wine program, which it has already rolled out in 20 restaurants. The family-friendly chain has never sold alcoholic beverages in its 51-year history, but these are certainly historic times. A particularly exciting part of this announcement: customers will at last be able to order mimosas with their all-day breakfast before going drunk shopping in the Cracker Barrel gift shop.

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