Costco-themed cake delivers birthday cheer in bulk

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I am not the best birthday planner, to be honest. Today is the fabulous Kate Bernot’s birthday, and did I fly out to Missoula to play “Happy Birthday” to her on my harmonica in person? No, but I did do it over Skype. I should have done so much more!


So I am not like the lucky Costco fan in L.A., for example, whose friend Samantha Waller made her the above Costco-themed cake for her birthday. Not only does it completely nail the logo, adding a membership card to deliver the birthday greeting, it also includes fondant facsimiles of the big-box store’s legendary churros, hot-dogs, pizzas, and of course, that cascading receipt. As a Costco obsessive, I don’t know if I’ve ever been so impressed by a cake decoration’s attention to detail, even listing typical Costco items on that receipt (ground turkey, Monterey Jack cheese).

Baking artiste Waller has a cake business on the side, and she tells WUSA9 News, “I’ve never received so much attention over a cake I’ve made, I’ve just been so flattered… I just did this for my friend as kind-of a personal joke thing for her.” Yeah, and that thing turned out to be genius. I predict that Waller’s cake business (you can view more of her cakes on Instagram) will now take off like the Costco hot-dog combo at lunchtime.