Cops called on British family refusing to leave Domino’s store, demanding refund for cold pizza

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A British family got a lesson in civics—and law enforcement—last week when the cops were called to a Domino’s pizza location where the parents and children were holding something of a sit-in demonstration to protest a cold pizza. Glouchestershire Live reports Fay James and her family refused to leave the Domino’s for more than 90 minutes as they demanded restitution for an order they say arrived cold and late at their doorstep.


The order, containing a medium pie, chicken strips, garlic bread, “doughballs” (must be a British thing) and potato wedges were allegedly delivered 40 minutes after it was marked “out for delivery.” After the delivery driver seemed unconcerned about and calls to a manager were unsuccessful, James packed up her husband and children and headed to the store, which was 8 minutes’ drive away.

There, she demanded a manager replace or refund her order, but tells Glouchester Live the manager would only periodically “come over and tell us to wait or leave then ignore us.” More than 90 minutes passed, and James was still there with her family. Finally, as the shop was nearing closing time, an employee informed James staff would press the police “panic button” if the family didn’t leave. James didn’t leave, and the police were called.

This story is already wearying, so let’s cut to the chase: The cops didn’t make any arrests or issue any citations; the family eventually got a full refund and some free-food vouchers; and a Domino’s spokesperson says the staff has been reminded of “the high standard of service required at all times.”

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.


Mario's Tragic Backstory

It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. In 100 years this family will all be dead. All the employees of this Domino’s location will be dead. The delivery person will be dead. The website that hosts this very story will be dead. This incident might as well have never even happened at all.