Yet frozen coffee cubes are still relegated to videos on TikTok, where users can try staking their sole claim on the concoction for internet clout. This is a menu offering we should be able to find at every major cafe. Besides, there’s something striking about a beverage with amber-colored objects floating around in it; with the right lighting, it’s a morning beverage guaranteed to slay on Instagram. And isn’t that what so many of Starbucks’ special releases are designed to do?

Starbucks did test coffee cubes at certain locations back in 2017, but the innovation doesn’t seem to have gone any farther. Hopefully the chain takes another stab at it soon. Trends can be hard to predict, but coffee ice cubes have practical applications that will likely never go out of style. Considering coffee chains aren’t exactly known for fast-paced innovation most of the time, someone’s got to take the lead, because the first one that does already has my money.