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Coffeeshops are places to get our caffeine fix, but they’re almost as valuable for their free Wi-Fi. When your office’s internet goes down? Coffeeshop. Work-from-home day? Coffeeshop. Need to zone out with the new season of Mindhunter for 20 minutes on your lunch break? Coffeeshop. (PS: Let’s talk about the new season of Mindhunter.)


Thanks to the intrepid testers as PC Mag, we now know which coffee chain has, on average, the fastest Wi-Fi—and it’s not Starbucks. The magazine conducted 100,000 wifi tests using Ookla Speedtest, a service that provides free analysis of broadband internet speed. The chain that came out on top? Joe & the Juice. If that doesn’t ring a bell for you, you’re not alone; its locations are clustered in just a few major U.S. cities.

Among the big chains, Dunkin’ beat Starbucks’ Wi-Fi speed handily with top speeds over 100 Mbps. Read PC Mag’s full rankings, as well as an explainer about whether your personal information is actually safe when you’re using public Wi-Fi, here.

Kate Bernot is managing editor at The Takeout and a certified beer judge.

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