Forget smokey eyes, Coca-Cola wants to give you fizzy eyes

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Photo: Morphe

Morphe is a cosmetics brand perfectly suited to the Instagram era: its focus on bright, splashy hues and eye-catching makeup artistry has earned it more than 10 million followers. And the only thing more popular than Instagram makeup tutorials is Instagram food porn, so a beautiful marriage has taken shape: Morphe has teamed up with Coca-Cola to release the Thirst For Life collection, a cosmetics line inspired by the soft drink’s bold red, black, and white color palette.


According to a press release, the makeup is supposed to evoke Coke’s overall summery vibe, “whether it’s a classic red lip or a sparkling golden eye resembling fizzy pop.” The colors in the artistry palette are named for both Coke-adjacent buzzwords (The Real Thing; Fizz; Bubble Up) and what appear to be more meta references to brand partnerships (Namedrop; Recognized). The Quench Pack, a four-piece collection of beauty sponges, appears to be the only thing in the Coca-Cola x Morphe lineup that I can afford, but I don’t know the first thing about contouring. I’m not the ideal customer for this promotion, obviously, but as someone who’s as much a sucker for a glittery makeup demonstration as I am for a perfect cheese pull, I’m excited to see everyone documenting their adventures in bright-red eyeshadow on Instagram this summer. The collection drops tomorrow, and you can find it here.