Enraged driver charged with “aggravated menacing” after brandishing banana peel

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Image: Anjelika Gretskaia/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group (Getty Images)

Sometimes, you gotta work with what the good Lord gives you. Sometimes, that’s a banana peel, a red headlamp, and a bunch of leftover fast food. That was the case for one enraged, undeniably creative Cleveland driver, who was charged with “aggravated menacing” after threatening a fellow highway occupant with all of the above. Well, also a gun.

As reported by local news source Cleveland.com, a Cleveland area resident recently called police about a road rage incident on a popular thoroughfare. The caller told police that a man in a black four-door sedan had brandished a gun and pointed it at her after she tried to pass the vehicle. According to Cleveland.com, the caller tried to pass the black sedan, but it sped up then slowed down in a flashy show of pettiness. The sedan driver then reportedly leaned out of his car and started waving a banana peel around. At that point, the driver pulled a bandana over his face, pulled out a gun, and turned on a red headlamp attached to his forehead. The man then threw fast food at the 911 caller’s car before driving away, leaving the victim unharmed but deeply, deeply confused.


The banana bandit eventually got what he deserved: the 911 caller snapped a photo of his license plate, which was traced to his address. He was later charged with something called “aggravated menacing,” which sounds official but apparently means “threatened a stranger with food waste and weapons.” There’s a lesson to be learned here, but I’m still not sure what it is.