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Chrissy Teigen may have tweeted her way into a gig creating airplane menus

Illustration for article titled Chrissy Teigen may have tweeted her way into a gig creating airplane menus
Photo: Steve Granitz / Contributor (Getty Images)

Chrissy Teigen is a busy lady. Among the many items on her plate (that’s a pun, because she also has a line of kitchenware at Target): supermodel, television personality, creator of very charming Christmas specials, top-tier Twitter follow, parenting her kids and being married to handsome singing husband John Legend, writing cookbooks, the list goes on. It would seem she’s a bit of an overachiever, however, because Chrissy Teigen would very much like to fix airplane food.


It started, reports USA Today, because of, ah, this:


A quick note: Maybe avoid shrimp on airplanes, at least as strenuously as you avoid ice?

Not long after, she tweeted that it was “a good time for me to share my dream of curating an airline menu.” A very specific dream! Enter Delta:

Now, of course it’s possible that this will amount to nothing. It could even be a pre-planned stunt situation, though to be honest, we doubt it. But whether it is or not, we’re into this idea. After she handles the meals, perhaps she could curate a better beverage list? Maybe improve the pretzel recipes? We have thoughts.

So does Chrissy Teigen:


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Dr Emilio Lizardo

That meal she isn't taking for granted would cost $22.95 in coach. The bread would be saltines, the avocado would be brown, the tomatoes would be pale orange, and the shrimp would be Krab (tm).