Chicago restaurants and bars stand in solidarity with striking teachers

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Photo: Joel Lerner, Xinhua News Agency (Getty Images)

Here in Chicago, members of the Chicago Teachers Union, which supports the Chicago Public Schools, went on strike yesterday morning and continue to strike today. It’s not just about the money (although that would always be welcome, especially since many teachers have to buy their own supplies) but about the lack of resources that makes it harder for them to actually do their jobs. In solidarity, many Chicago restaurants are offering discounts and free food to CPS teachers, parents, and students. (The strike affects more than 300,000 students and 32,000 educators.) Eater Chicago has a complete list here. It includes all the basic food groups—pizza, beer, ice cream, tacos, and doughnuts—plus groceries.

One of the nicest things about writing about food is that I get to talk with people in the food world, who are some of the most generous I’ve ever worked with as a reporter. Part of it may be the simple inclination to provide food and hospitality. But it’s also lovely to see bars and restaurants and ice cream shops and bakeries sacrifice their profit margins to stand up for fellow workers who are getting a bum deal from their employer, and to make sure they have something to eat and drink while they’re marching on the picket lines. And if you live in Chicago and don’t have a kid in CPS, or if you’re visiting, maybe stop in at some of these places, too? I know I will.