Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies recalled because of tantalizing mystery

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On April 13, Mondelēz Global LLC announced a voluntary recall of some 13 oz. packages of Chewy Chips Ahoy. Food recalls happen all the time, often because the item in question may have been inadvertently exposed to an undeclared allergen (eggs, nuts, what have you). But this one caught our eye, because hello, “unexpected solidified ingredient.”

We at The Takeout are an inquisitive bunch, and a phrase that vague could mean just about anything—if a piece of machine breaks off and makes it into the batter, isn’t it technically an ingredient— and besides, this writer has got a package of Chewy Chips Ahoy in the house right now. (They’re so soft!) That package isn’t one of those being recalled, but inquiring minds, you know.


We reached out to Mondelēz Global’s press team for comment, but have not heard back. So we called the company’s Consumer Relations Hotline for answers.

First: This is a good hotline! Short wait, nice people, clear answers, very chill. Second: Apparently, the answer is solidified corn starch. Bit of a let-down, really. We were hoping for something like mega-chocolate-chips.

The very nice guy at Mondelēz said the company had heard several reports of people finding hardened corn starch in their cookies, and since the cookies are, again, so soft, the hard bits were sticking out. He also said they’d heard reports of coughing, gagging, or mild choking (how big are these corn starch bits?) so if you’ve got one of the packages in question, best call the very friendly Mondelēz reps and get that sorted.

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Richard Dawson's Ghost

Every time I end up eating a Chewy Chips Ahoy, I feel betrayed. They’re not the way they used to be, and the way they are now is bad.

Am I crazy and misremembering the cookies of my youth, or does everyone else remember these being a distinctly different cookie?