Office Reactions
• “It looks like beer mixed with menstrual blood.”
• “It doesn’t taste as bad as it looks.” “No, it’s awful.”
• “That is almost incomprehensibly bad. It’s like thin tomato soup that’s gone so rotten that it’s fermented into a vague approximation of alcohol. I can’t even taste the clams, just rotten, foamy tomatoes.”
• “It’s like I drank a shrimp bucket at Red Lobster.”
• “Oh, that’s fucking gross.”
• “It’s like drinking tomato soup. And I would drink tomato soup if it got me drunk.”
• “Can I get a grilled cheese with this?”
• “It smells so much like rotten vegetables.”
• “It has visible, chunky tomato particles in it!” “Beer should not be chunky!”
• “I’m burping pure vile.”
• “Cheap beer blendered with cheap salsa. Where are the cheap chips?”
• “The tasting order goes tomato, then clam, then beer. It’s just that clam juice is really wretchedly awful stuff.”
• “Ever taste MSG plain? It’s like a momentary heightening of your sense of taste, and for a second, your whole mouth tastes bitter and putrid. Reminds me a lot of this blamato thing.”


Where to get it: Your friendly Latino neighborhood.