Cheese sticks with side order of cocaine land restaurant owner in jail

Photos: Ullstein Bild, Victor De Schwanberg/Getty Images
Photos: Ullstein Bild, Victor De Schwanberg/Getty Images

Hiding cocaine in cheese sticks sounds like a rejected Cards Against Humanity card, but it was all too real a practice at a Griffith, Indiana gyros restaurant.
ABC Chicago reports Broad Street Gyros saw its license suspended after a surveillance video released this week shows owner Carrie DeMoff placing a bag of what was later found to be cocaine in a takeout order of cheese sticks.


Sneaky! But the cheese sticks never made it to their intended customer; instead, they were delivered to another woman, who subsequently received a call from the restaurant asking for the cheese sticks back. Of course, if a restaurant calls to ask for your cheese sticks back, you immediately search them for drugs. That turned up a Styrofoam container containing a white powder, which was deemed to be cocaine upon later testing.


Police suspended the restaurant’s license and have placed DeMoff in Lake County Jail. There are no reports at this time of other coke-laced cheese stick incidents.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.

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A few years back, we had a story locally about a pizza shop that was a cover for drug sales. They were found out when somebody actually tried to order a pizza and the people in the shop had no idea what to do. At least these guys were able to produce some sort of cheese stick.