Che cavolo! Enjoy this curated selection of angry Italians raging about bad pasta

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In these troubled times, it’s best to take one’s yuks where one can. Today, one can take them from the Twitter account Italians Mad at Food, brought to our attention by the fine people at Bon Appétit. The idea is so pure, so simple, that it’s almost to good for this world: a highly curated selection of Italian folks who are furious about bad pizza, marinara sauce that isn’t marinara sauce, and pasta-related atrocities.

While the account alone is well worthy of your attention, I’d like to raise a glass to BA’s Carla Ciccone, who, in documenting the worthy acitivities of Italians Mad At Food, also brought a personal touch to the proceedings:

These are emotional, over-the-top reactions generally written in Google-translated English or just shoddy regular English because internet comments. They’re usually along the lines of “YOUR ‘PASTA’ BELONGS IN THE GARBAGE ALONG WITH YOUR PRESIDENT.” These people are way too dramatic and need to calm down because it’s only food, and I am absolutely one of them.


While I am not even a little bit Italian, I often feel the urge to rage about things topics as diverse as “that’s not really a martini, that’s just alcohol and juice!” or “No, Walk The Line is not a musical, it’s just a movie with music!” so I, too, find this Twitter account eminently relatable. A few of our favorite, recent entries:

That’s fair.


Do, or do not. There is no ‘try.’


We are barbarians, it’s true—but in our defense, meatballs are delicious.

We strongly encourage you to read the original piece in Bon Appétit. It’s tutto bene.


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