Channing Tatum’s new vodka sadly not named Magic Vodka XXL or 21 Drink Street

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We at The Takeout are big Channing Tatum fans. The dancing! The self-deprecation! More dancing! 21 Jump Street! This! All good things.


Well, now he’s got a vodka, too. WGAL of Pennsylvania reports that people camped overnight outside Fine Wine And Good Spirits, a store in Hummelston, for the chance to buy a bottle and have it signed by the Magic Mike XXL star.

The spirit, which is called Born And Bred, is the result of a partnership with Grand Teton Distillery, a family-owned and -operated distillery in Driggs, Idaho. It’s a small-batch potato vodka made from “the best Idaho potatoes. Twenty-times distilled, it’s prepared in small batches and nourished by the unspoiled glacial water that flows from the Grand Teton mountains,” according to the distillery website.

The Grand Teton Distillery site also says that the partnership blossomed after Tatum set out to find the best vodka in the country. He apparently found it in Idaho. Here’s the official word:

Born and Bred offers premium refreshment for casual company and impromptu situations—no need for a special occasion. Positioned as a lifestyle brand as much as a spirit, Born and Bred celebrates what unfolds when camaraderie meets adventure. This aspect of the brand will be brought to life in a series of original content that is created, curated and promoted by Channing Tatum.

Yes, that sound silly, but Channing Tatum is still great. If you’re in Hummelston, Pennsylvania today, he’ll be signing bottles at Fine Wine And Good Spirits at 6p.m., but as you can see from the photo above, there’s a bit of a line already, and the vodka is already sold out. If you do get to meet him, tell him Allison, Gwen, and Kate say hello.


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Yes, I’m sure of all the endless varieties of vodka already available at your local stop and rob Channing Tatum couldn’t find one suitable to his delicate palate. In his quest to find the absolute finest of vodka’s he journeyed far and wide, to the majestic land of Idaho whose world renowned potatoes were the only ones that could create the perfect vodka. Or that’s all just hipster nonsense like “lifestyle brand” and they paid him gobs of cash to market their probably tasty if somewhat pricey vodka. I would love to live in a world where Channing Tatum is a vodka connoisseur and traveled the globe before deciding to partner with a distillery to make his own, but seriously did you watch that second Kingsman movie, dude was barely even in it, but they still sold a boat load of tickets off the trailers advertising him as an old west style gunslinger promising what had to be a great way to spend a couple of hours.