PSA: Case of beer not to be substituted for child booster seat

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Image for article titled PSA: Case of beer not to be substituted for child booster seat
Photo: Tannis Toohey (Getty Images)

I know children force their parents’ creativity sometimes. An old t-shirt becomes a tissue; an empty box becomes a temporary playpen; and did someone forget the baby wipes? But no matter how hectic errands with children in tow become, we—and Canada’s Ontario Provincial Police—must remind parents that no, a 30-rack of Bud Light is not an adequate child booster seat.

The police were forced to issue such a proclamation yesterday when a Wellington North driver was pulled over and charged with failing to ensure a child in the vehicle was properly restrained; apparently, the driver had propped the 2-year-old up on a case of what appears to be Bud Light. The police remind drivers that children under 40 lbs. need to be in a child seat, and children under 80 lbs., 8 years of age, or 4 feet 9 inches need to be in a booster seat.


Would the visual be quite so striking if these were cans of LaCroix or an Amazon delivery box? Maybe not. But regardless, while the driver clearly realized the child should be boosted up to ensure the seat belt can function properly, to reiterate, cases of beer are not adequately suited to the task.