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How’s this for a mind fuck? You drunkenly open your can of Southgate-brand Hot Dog Chili Sauce—because that’s the preferred state in which to consume hot dog chili sauce—peer inside, and you find chicken and dumplings. Are you hallucinating?


No, you’re just the unfortunate victim of a factory mix-up that resulted in 200 cases of hot dog chili being filled with chicken and dumplings. The AP reports that Nashville-based Vietti Foods has issued a recall for certain cases of the 15-ounce cans, which did not indicate that the contents—chicken and dumplings—would contain egg and wheat allergens.

The not-hot-dog-chili-sauce cans were distributed at stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin, and customers may return recalled cans to the store for a refund.

If anyone’s soldiered through and created a chicken-and-dumplings hot dog, please leave photographic evidence in the comments.

Kate Bernot is managing editor at The Takeout and a certified beer judge.

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