Canadians, you might be able to drink at 7-Eleven soon

exterior of a 7-eleven
Photo: SOPA Images / Contributor (Getty Images)

In what is slowly infecting my mind as a potential game-changer, 7-Eleven Canada (specifically Ontario) is awaiting approval to see if it can serve alcohol within 61 of its convenience stores. As in, yes, a small cafe or bar area where you can have a seat, kick back, and toss down a few cold ones. The idea of getting loaded in a 7-Eleven might sound bizarre at first, but think about your access to all those snacks!


Just imagine it: A world where you can get up from your bar stool and go buy a quarter-pound hot dog and load it up at the toppings bar, perhaps get a couple taquitos from the other section of the perpetual rollers, one of those terrible heat-lamp cheeseburgers, the pizza by the slice, nachos, not to mention those cold hard-boiled eggs, sandwiches, or chips. I have so many questions. Who might be the first patron to be kicked out for misbehavior, and why?

Yahoo Finance has the story, via The Canadian Press: 7-Eleven is considering this angle because it’s looking to compete against similar models, like mom and pop convenience stores that also have cafes or small bars in them. As the laws stand right now, you wouldn’t be able to actually take home a six-pack or bottle of wine; instead, you’d theoretically be drinking inside the store. Curiocity presumes that this might take a while to pass, however, not only because liquor laws are slow to pass in general but because you’d have to physically construct areas within each store to allow for this to happen. But post-pandemic, I’m picturing a wonderful world in which you can look around at your coworkers at the office and say, “Hey, anyone want to grab a beer after work? 7-Eleven sound good?”

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Stupid. Who wants to drink at a corner store?

Since pandemic they’ve made take out booze a thing from restaurants. Not sure why I’d pay triple or more for take out booze, when I can ‘take out’ at the liquor store for a fraction of the cost.