F*ck yeah! Another large vehicle got stuck in a drive-thru!

KFC worker hands bag of food to drive-thru customer
Photo: Joe Giddens - PA Images (Getty Images)

These days, you gotta find joy in the little things. For me, that involves embarrassing vehicular maneuvers. As long as nobody gets hurt, there’s nothing better than watching someone attempt a 35-point turn with a party barge attached to their PT Cruiser. Most of the time, large vehicle fails are the result of an overly ambitious parking job. But occasionally, we’re blessed with a drive-thru disaster. Journey with me, if you will, to a KFC in Devonport, Tasmania, where one driver got their trailer lodged in the drive-thru lane.


Yahoo News Australia reported on the incident, which appeared on the Crap Tasmanian Drivers and Inconsiderate Parkers Facebook page. The page is a robust community with more than 14,000 followers advertised as “a place to post your pictures, dash cam videos and examples of bad road behaviour and silly parking attempts.” In the photos, which were posted last Saturday, we see a truck hauling a recreational trailer through the KFC drive-thru. The trailer’s roof appears to be a smidge too high to clear the drive-thru overpass, which is why two men (one pictured below) had to physically push it out.

Members of the Crap Tasmanian Drivers and Inconsiderate Parkers community had little sympathy for the driver. “Unbelievable. Simply beyond comprehension,” wrote one user. “The mind certainly boggles at this escapade,” wrote another. Tasmania Police told Yahoo News Australia that they were not notified of this incident. Which begs the question: is the Crap Tasmanian Drivers and Inconsiderate Parkers Facebook page the next frontier of community policing?

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