We’d like to address this cake directly. To wax rhapsodic, if you will.

Buddy you’re a cake, yeah a big cake
With a little crown, gonna be a great snack someday
You got Freddie’s face
Right on your face
With super pretty icing all over the place


We will we will eat you
We will we will eat you

Buddy you’re a young cake tall cake
Victoria sponge, headed to a fancy par-tay
You got roses in place
A fancy base
With little tiny dots all over the place!


We can’t we can’t eat you
(Sing it!)
Beca-u-u-u-se we’re not we’re not famous

Buddy you’re a nice cake, sweet cake
Your white chocolate bust gonna get
Chewed to pieces someday
Sunglasses in place
Right on that face
Wish we could rhyme that with bouillabaisse


We wish we could eat you
(Sing it!)
Fox please send a sample
(No, seriously!)
Someone soon will eat you!
We are super jealous!


The Curious Creations Of Christine McConnell premieres on Netflix tomorrow, October 12.