Cadbury stockpiling chocolate in advance of possible Brexit Creme Eggs shortagepocalypse

The Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory in Birmingham, England
The Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory in Birmingham, England
Photo: Universal Images Group (12/UIG via Getty Images)

Good news, English chocolate fans: Cadbury CEO is looking ahead to the future in advance of possible food shortages associated with Brexit. Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union next year, and, The Washington Post reports, “it still hasn’t reached a deal on how exactly this could happen. If it leaves Europe without a deal, some experts have warned that there may be chaos at the borders and a shortage of key goods.”


While some citizens may be worrying about basics like bread or milk, at least Cadbury fans can rest easy. This week, says the Post, Hugh Weber, president of Cadbury parent company Mondelez Europe, told the Times Of London newspaper “that the company has a plan to deal with the threat of this dreaded ‘no-deal’ Brexit: a chocolate stockpile.” In advance of a possible “hard Brexit,” the company is stocking larger quantities of ingredients and finished products, “although you can only do so much because of the shelf life of our products,” Weber is reported as saying.

Cadbury is, quite honestly, the greatest and creamiest of all possible chocolate. So whatever happens with Brexit, it’s good to know that those Dairy Bars and Creme Eggs will, hopefully, still feed our friends across the British Isles.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.


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They are welcome to come to America and set up shop so we can finally have real Cadbury chocolate instead of the plastic shit that Hershey’s sells to us now.