The Rooftop at Coors Field
Photo: Andy Cross/The Denver Post (Getty Images)

Set your Slack status to “WFB,” because this afternoon, you’re Working From Baseball. That’s the premise of the Colorado Rockies Business Person Special, a $21 ticket that includes a standing-room ticket to a weekday game (with an 11-inch ledge for your laptop), a burger, beer or soda, and wifi. A reporter from The Denver Post tried it out and noted “it didn’t appear the other Business Persons in attendance were doing much business.”

Still, we think the combo is pretty genius: Baseball is so damn slow anyway, we could definitely knock out a TPS report or at least send a few reply-all emails encouraging our coworkers to “circle back” with us later. Morale would be at an all-time high! We’d just have to watch out for potential pitfalls: spilling beer on our laptop, getting ketchup all over the meeting notes, forgetting to actually do any work.


But the Post’s writer actually notes a problem we hadn’t considered: standing for three hours is a long time. He also notes the sun glare that made his laptop screen hard to read, and yeah, some dude spilled beer all over the laptop ledge. If you weren’t planning to work too hard on a summer Friday afternoon anyway, on The Rooftop at Coors Field sounds like a hell of a better place to “catch up on some emails” than a fluorescent cubicle. It has cheeseburgers!