You, me, we are all Burrito Baby

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If you’ve not yet had the pleasure, please meet the Burrito Baby.

Yes, this is a “look at this cute and funny video” post. So, look at that cute and funny video.


But perhaps we could, as a society living through a chaotic time, use this cute and funny video as an excuse to contemplate the pure, unadulterated pleasure of seeing something that looks so tasty that you just have to eat it, right now. Have not we all spotted a burrito passing from a plate to the mouth of another, and thought, with perfect clarity, I must, I must, I must have that? Have we not felt the electric charge of a mouth beginning to water, a stomach beginning to rumble, a longing springing from the gut with a specificity that pierces? Have we not caught a whiff of something on the air as we pass a doughnut shop, a pizza place, a barbecue joint, and had our plans pulled asunder as we stop and consider giving in to that compulsion?

We see the burrito. We lean toward it, eyes blazing, mouth agape. We reach for the burrito, prepared to not so much consume as devour.

The burrito belongs to another. We are left alone.

Nah, you’re right, it’s just a good, cute video. Have a nice weekend.

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My 8 month old wants ALL food that I’m eating. If we strap him in his highchair at the table while I sit down to eat, he will just stare at me while I eat my meal, as if he’s thinking, “What the heck, dad? Where’s my dinner? I know I just breastfed for 30 minutes, but you could throw a green bean or spaghetti noodle my way!”