Burger King's new print ads are so deliciously petty, you'd swear they were flame-grilled

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We at The Takeout are pretty fired up about Burger King’s latest marketing gambit, and not just because it gives us a chance to use a lot of heat-related puns. First and foremost: a series of ads, brought to our attention by Curbed Miami, which center on the picturesque patios and backyards of former McDonald’s executives, and the grills to be found therein. Floating above each fancy grill are a few pointed words: “Flame grilling is hard to resist.” Sick burn, Burger King!


In an email to USA Today, a representative explained the ads thus:

“BK has always been about flame-grilling since 1954, and we know that 75% of people prefer burgers cooked with fire… That’s why this time, we decided to show it in a relevant way.”


They then added this hot little classic, to which one might be tempted to add a few flame emojis:

“It’s funny, because it’s true,” the chain said in a statement.

Elsewhere in the world, a BK marketing team got even more creative, touting a Whopper designed specifically for sneaking into a movie theater. As of this writing, the Wendy’s Twitter account has yet to comment.

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Gas grills, though. Grills only Hank Hill could love.