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Burger King’s veggie burger is gone and definitely forgotten

Illustration for article titled Burger King’s veggie burger is gone and definitely forgotten
Photo: Максим Крысанов (iStock)

Will the faux meat craze cause classic veggie burgers to go the way of the dodo? Veggie patties are already disappearing at Burger King, where the massively successful Impossible Whopper has convinced executives that their existing veggie burger option is no longer relevant. Burger King has, apparently, offered a veggie burger on its menu since 2002, made with patties from Morningstar Farms. A Burger King spokesperson tells The Takeout the veggie burger has been discontinued, with the Impossible Whopper taking the “meat-free” slot on the BK menu.


The Morningstar brand is a subsidiary of Kellogg’s, which is working on its own faux meat product, the ridiculously named Incogmeato. In a statement to Bloomberg, Kellogg Specialty Channel president Wendy Davidson said that the brand is “confident” in its product portfolio, and that “Morningstar Farms consumption continues to grow.” Perhaps there’s some exciting Incogmeato partnerships being planned for the future? There are still some vacant fast food opportunities to be had.

Allison Robicelli is The Takeout staff writer, a former professional chef, author of three books, and The People's Hot Pocket Princess. Questions about recipes/need cooking advice? Tweet @Robicellis.

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I had been wondering about what some of the existing veggie burger companies were doing to keep up, so this was neat to read.

Several years ago I did start buying the Morningstar burgers to have on hand as an alternative. I didn’t bother to look at the nutrition info until I had bought them a few times and realized that it had the same amount of fat and calories as a beef burger. Never bothered buying them again.

Fast forward back to the present and I wonder if the new veggie protein sandwiches will keep or if they are just another food fad.  Especially after the recent article about who was actually buying the faux meat.