Burger King Japan’s Strong Magma burger is a one-pound meat volcano

Lava flows down side of volcano
This, but it’s your insides
Photo: AGUNG SUPRIYANTO (Getty Images)

Burger King International has been making some sweeping PR moves this year—like the chain’s “Chocolate Whopper” in Taiwan, or BK France’s gigantic potato giveaway last month. Now, Burger King Japan is releasing a terrifying burger called the Strong Magma, and BK fans are rightfully intimidated.


The sandwich, available only at Burger King Japan locations, is officially named the “Strong Magma Super One Pound Beef Burger.” Hypebeast reports that the burger features four patties, two slices of cheese, and an intriguing spicy powder made of unnamed peppers. The burger costs 1,380 yen, or approximately 13 bucks—a steep price, but potentially worth it for what the brand calls the “spiciest meat wall” ever made? (“That’s a spicy meat wall.”)

The burger certainly does look like a harbinger of explosive discomfort. Some BK fans called the item a “monstrosity,” while others seemed open to eating a full pound of meat that may or may not result in a day of intestinal magma fallout. “If they took off half the patties, I would totally try it,” one Twitter user wrote. “Hard to resist such a curiosity,” wrote another. Meanwhile, Takeout staff writer Dennis Lee posits that he could handle it if he ate the thing really fast. Hypebeast reports that, if Dennis were to finish the burger in its entirety, he’d earn a very groovy celebratory sticker. Though clearly not for the faint of heart, the burger is available at participating Burger King Japan locations until March 26.

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What’s the point of stacking all those thin patties? It would be so much tastier to use one large patty. Or at least stack smashed patties or something. Also, BK patties are disgusting to begin with, they are only acceptable when the flavor is hidden behind bun and ketchup with contrasting textures of crisp onion/lettuce/etc. This abomination would force the patty flavor front and center, why would that be good?