Burger King gifts dog with terminal cancer free burgers for life and now I’m verklempt

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Do you have a box of tissues nearby? Go get one, I’ll wait.

Okay, ready? What follows is the story of Cody, a 10-year-old Boxer-Labrador mix who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and given just a few months to live.

Yep, grab that tissue. Good, okay.

So, Cody’s owners have been feeding him a plain Burger King cheeseburger every day with his medications, hoping to make his last days a little brighter. Recently, a drive-thru employee at the owners’ local BK in Toledo, Ohio, asked about the plain burger order. According to this goddamn heartwarming tweet detailing the story, when Cody’s owners explained the dog’s story, management at that Burger King location said they’d happily give Cody a free plain cheeseburger every day for the remainder of his tail-wagging, butt-sniffing life.


Here’s another tissue.

Even Burger King’s corporate Twitter account noticed Cody’s story, saying “the world needs more kindness and empathy” and thanking the family for allowing the burger chain to help Cody out with some free food.

While we’re all in such a spirit of goodwill, I’d like to thank you, wonderful Takeout readers, who make it possible for me to have a job that involves reporting on the combination of sweet dogs and free cheeseburgers. I’m grateful for all of you.


Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.

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Jerk Dently

:not tearing up:

I grew up in a small town, but up ‘on the strip’ we had a Burger King and I worked there when I was in high school. There was a very nice older woman who walked to work at nearby grocery store. Most evenings after her shift, she’d come in and order the same thing: a Whopper Jr, a decaf coffee to eat there and a plain hamburger to go.

It was the same order for years, new people being trained would get told about her and other regulars. We could see her coming through make sure we’d get her order fresh off the broiler when we could. I remember asking her who the burger was for, and her answering it was for her dog.

I also remember the day when we had her order ready as she walked in and she thanked us, but said she won’t be needing the plain burger to go anymore.