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Burger King's Fried Halloumi Burger now in U.K., perhaps one step closer to America

Illustration for article titled Burger Kings Fried Halloumi Burger now in U.K., perhaps one step closer to America
Photo: Burger King

New fast food items from countries not beginning with “A” and ending in “-merica” usually don’t garner much attention at Takeout headquarters—not that we’re provincial, but as good as some of these dishes sound, invariably we’re let down by the fact we in the States can’t experience them. (Unless you find yourself on a work trip to Hong Kong.)


There are notable exceptions. Last August, we ran a piece about Burger King in Sweden testing a halloumi cheese sandwich. Immediately, our spidey senses tingled because the idea of a deep-fried patty of squeaky cheese sounded divine, even to us avowed carnivores. Starting today, this sandwich between brioche buns is now available at Burger King restaurants in the U.K. 

Although it doesn’t hint to any prospects of appearing in the United States, it does feel like it’s one step closer. And any suggestion/inkling of a fried halloumi sandwich available stateside is something The Takeout will always shout from the rooftops.

Kevin Pang was the founding editor of The Takeout, and director of the documentary For Grace.

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One would think a fried cheese sandwich would be a no-brainer for the US, either this one or the McPaneer.