Burger King offering free Impossible Whoppers to delayed travelers

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Photo: johnemac72 (iStock)

We’re heading into some of the busiest travel days of the year, when many of us will have to endure interminable bottlenecks at security, overpriced airport food, the indignity of sitting on the floor at the gate, and overcrowded flights before being united with our loved ones. And that’s just when things go as they’re supposed to. Add in delays that mean extra hours in the airport and the whole experience becomes even more hellish.

But Burger King is here for you! Between now and December 30, CNN Business reports, Burger King will be giving a free Impossible Whopper to any delayed and hungry traveler who asks for one. Sadly this does not mean that as soon as you send up a signal of distress, the Burger King himself will immediately find you and hand-deliver your burger. What it means is that you can go to the Burger King app, fill out a form, and receive a voucher for an Impossible Whopper that you can redeem at your convenience whenever you happen to come across a Burger King. Which really makes this seem more like a marketing ploy to get more people to try (and possibly become addicted to) Impossible Whoppers than genuine concern for stranded travelers, but still... no one else appears to be doing this, so well-played, Burger King.