Brooklyn running out of oat milk

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Send your thoughts and prayers toward Brooklyn, friends, as the borough grapples with its latest culinary roadblock. A article entitled “Hey, Where’s My Oat Milk?” in which magazine?—ah The New Yorker, indubitably—outlines Brooklyn’s current predicament (ominously subtitled: “Brooklyn residents embraced the non-dairy alternative. Then, one day, it was gone.”)


Devotees praise the non-milk milk. Although popular in Europe, oat milk didn’t hit big in Brooklyn until 2016, when sales reps began making the rounds. Now, those same suppliers are saying that there’s none available. Some Twitter users are noting that the shortage may be affecting other areas as well.

The problem can be traced to oat milk’s main supplier: “Oatly, the small and unabashedly quirky Swedish company that invented oat milk, couldn’t keep up with demand.” The company’s CEO, Toni Petersson, explained to The New Yorker: “This already happened in both Sweden and the U.K. when we released Oatly there.” The oat milk process, which “involves using enzymes to liquefy raw oat kernels” apparently can not be rushed, even in the face of considerable demand. And lovers of oat milk apparently vastly prefer it to almond and soy alternatives. Find out why, as well as the latest in milk trends, over at The New Yorker today.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.



Huh. TIL ‘oat milk’ was a product that exists. As someone too allergic to milk to use it with cereal, I might have to investigate the claims it’s better than almond milk. In 10-20 years when they’ve solved their supply and distribution problems, and I can get it at my local Costco. Assuming it wasn’t a fad driven by vegan hipsters or something.