Nation’s oldest craft brewery saved in the nick of time

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Several weeks ago, the Boulder Beer Company—which at 40 years old is America’s oldest craft brewery—announced plans to end all distribution. According to the Denver Business Journal, owner Gina Day explained in an October Facebook post that the leaders of the brewery “all want to see it live on,” and that to keep the brewery afloat financially, the team needed to scale back to taproom-only sales of small-batch beers.


Just two weeks before Boulder was scheduled to cease national distribution, however, a deal has been struck with Sleeping Giant, a contract brewer dedicated to producing beer for other breweries. Now, all 29 states that Boulder Beer currently supplies to will continue receiving shipments without any interruption. All products sold beyond the Boulder Beer taproom itself will be brewed, distributed, and marketed by Sleeping Giant, in order to keep alive the operation that helped kickstart the modern microbrew movement. So anyone who was hoping to stock their holiday parties this year with Mojo IPA, Hazed & Infused pale ale, and Buffalo Gold can stop holding their breath, head to the supermarket (in those 29 states), and pick up a six-pack of America’s craft beer history.

Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.

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Cayde-6's Unloaded Dice

I was going to point out that Anchor (founded 1896) is far older than Boulder Beer Company, but then I found out that they were bought by Sapporo in 2017 and aren’t part of the Brewer’s Association anymore. :’(