Office reactions:


• “Getting a little beer, yeast there.”

• “Starts off kind of sugary.”

• “Almost tastes like coconut.”

• “Oh, there’s the beer. It tastes like the smell when you leave beer out.”

• “Natty light.”


• “Like stale Bud in crunchy form, with sweetener mixed in.”

• “I don’t taste popcorn at all. Is that good or bad?”

• “Too sweet. That’s gonna linger.”


• “It's uncanny how much this tastes like beer and sugar. Even my burps taste like beer burps.”

• “It’s like pizza crust.”

• “A mixture of sugar and bitter hops. It’s sort of musty and sour.”

• “Still, it tastes impressively like actual beer. This is way better and way beerier than Beer Chips.


Piña colada

• “Suntan lotion!”

• “Oh God!”

• “Terrible.” [Throws it away.]

• “Tastes like a coconut jelly bean.”

• “Sweet, like caramel corn, almost.”

• “I could almost believe the last one was alcoholic, but this is just fruit with texture and calories.”

• “It’s like they dumped a pre-existing flavor on a surface never meant to hold it. I’m gonna bail on Irish creme.”

• “Tastes like male cum.”

• “People aren’t giving this one nearly enough credit. It’s sweet pineapple corn. A weird combination, but a rich flavor, and a decent combination.”


• “Tastes like candy, looks like dried spooge.”

Irish creme

• “Like Maureen O’Hara.”

• “Nope, zero for three.”

• “The tamest.”

• “Like ambiguous Halloween candy.”


• “Reminds me of salty malted milk balls.”

• “It feels so not like popcorn at all.”

• “This is exactly like chewing on wet socks.” “You have clearly never chewed on a wet sock.”

• “Do I just not know my booze well enough? I have no idea what this is supposed to taste like.”


• “I’m not really sure what it does taste like, except sugar. It doesn’t have a really strong, memorable flavor like the other two.”

• “I could see eating a bag of this with a cocktail. Or after a couple of cocktails.”


• “But it’s sweet and crunchy. How far wrong can you go with that?”

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