Today in “not everything is garbage”: Boise man secretly pays for $5,000 worth of strangers’ groceries

person handing shopping bag to other person
Photo: 10'000 Hours (Getty Images)

Amid the hellish headlines that have ravaged our newsfeeds, sometimes all we need is to see people, you know, being good to each other for once.


According to KTVB in Idaho, Julie Weaver was going about her monthly shopping for a certified family home (similar to a group home) when she was notified that a group of people behind her had paid for her $415 grocery tab.

“Then I found out it was someone’s birthday and that was how he chose to spend his birthday was giving his employees money and having them purchase groceries for the other patrons,” Weaver told KTVB. She then asked around and learned that the same thing had happened to other people in the store.

It turns out the person responsible for the deed was Joe Kosakowski, the CEO of a technical recruiting company called Quest Groups, who was trying to keep the whole thing on the down low. But, of course, the opposite happened, and the story found its way to social media. In total, Kosakowski stealthily purchased $5,000 in groceries that day for pleasantly surprised shoppers.

Even though Kosakowski was trying to keep the birthday deed relatively secret, Weaver shared it on social media with Kosakowski’s permission, at least letting us know that people are still doing nice things for each other, somewhere.

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I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I once rounded up to the nearest dollar on my Costco bill to support the local children’s rehab or drunk veterans or something.