Last Call: Show us your biscuits

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Last CallLast CallLast Call is The Takeout’s online watering hole where you can chat, share recipes, and use the comment section as an open thread. Here’s what we’ve been reading/watching/listening around the office today.

As the work week draws to a close, so does The Takeout’s first ever Biscuit Week, and oh, what a week it was. I baked and taste tested well over 100 biscuits in preparation for the festivities. Aimee spent an hour scaring her new dog half to death by loudly beating dough with a heavy rolling pin. We laughed! We cried! We napped.


Though Biscuit Week is over for us, Biscuit Weekend is just beginning for you. What kitchen projects are you planning on tackling once you clock out today? Are there any biscuit recipes you’re fond of? Are there sandwiches or combos you particularly enjoy? Have any hacks or secret ingredients you’d like to share with the rest of the class? Tell us all about it in the comments. And send us pictures of your biscuits! We love ourselves a good bisc pic.


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No biscuits, but I baked my first loaf of bread this week! 100% whole wheat:

I like the crumbly texture it had, but for learning purposes I’m trying to make one that’s chewier and less crumby, more like the texture of store-bought bread. For my second loaf, I tried kneading it a lot more, but it came out the exact same. Also the dough felt completely different even though I measured everything the same way. Does anyone have ideas? I’m using this recipe (it was the simplest one I found):

Ether way, if all wheat bread tasted this great I would never touch white bread again!