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Exact details about the following story are incomplete. But we do know this one crucial truth: At Sunday’s Cincinnati Bengals game—which they lost to the Cleveland Browns—beer was, via at least one concession stand, cheaper than water. God bless America, et al.

ESPN reporter Darren Rovell brought this fact to the nation’s attention via a simple, elegant tweet:


For those who can’t read the fine print: Valid I.D. is required for the purchase of alcohol; fans are limited to two beers per person (though it seems that’s just two beers per trip to the concession stand); alcohol service stops at the end of the third quarter. But that’s not what anyone’s focusing on: Beer is cheaper than water!

Now, whether the beer is comparable in ounces to the water is unclear—the beer could be more expensive, per ounce, than the water, depending on the size of the water bottle. Bengals fans have long enjoyed relatively cheap beer, at just $5 per 12-ounce cup, per Thrillist’s analysis. But most bottled waters contain 20 ounces of liquid, which would make the beer more expensive per ounce. Sorry to rain on that parade.

Kate Bernot is managing editor at The Takeout and a certified beer judge.

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