Last Call: It’s time to go throw an ax

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The folks at Business Insider recently discovered the phenomenon of ax-throwing among millennials and went on a field trip to Kick Axe Throwing in Brooklyn. Let me push up my glasses here and do a well actually, because ax-throwing came to Chicago three years ago, at the dawn of the Trump administration, and I went one bitterly cold night to throw axes (with people who were not millennials) and get out some of my anger and frustration. So I am cooler than Business Insider. Ha! Sorry. I got carried away there. (It was still a great and self-esteem-boosting time for me, though, because even though I had never thrown an ax before, I hit the bullseye—10 feet away, but still—and when ax-throwing teams were chosen, I was, for the first time in my life, not picked last.) What I mean to say is, ax-throwing is still a thing and it is spreading across the country, even to places without lumberjacks and Renaissance Faires, and it is incredibly cathartic. For more about the cathartic part, read this wonderful essay by Megan Stielstra (also not a millennial), a writer who has become a regular ax-thrower.


How does this relate to food? you ask. They serve beer and snacks at these places. Or you can bring your own. The booze is kept separate from the axes. No one has ever been injured by a drunken ax-thrower at Kick Axe Throwing. It’s a delightful—though expensive—pastime, and I join Business Insider in recommending it highly, no matter how old you are.

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I went once.  It was fun for about 15 minutes, then I realized there’s only so many ways you can throw an ax at a block of wood and keep it interesting.  Hard to believe these places are gonna get a lot of repeat business.