Zach Brooke
Cinematic Antihero
Jul 1

I have to admit, I have frequently wished for one of the large pizza-place style ones, if only to neatly chop my frozen and homemade pizzas into slices. But I have nowhere to store such a large slicey object. Read more

Feb 10 2020

The episode is “Colors.” The question Robert asks is: “Well, here’s a question. If a dog and a human and a crow were to be staring at a rainbow, would they be seeing very different things?”

Nov 25 2019

Always glad to see Hardcore History get some love. I love those deep dives. And I still recommend his series on WW1 to every high school student I know - it’s excellent at portraying the scope and scale of the Great War. Read more

Nov 25 2019

is it weird that I read the Hardcore History one in Dan’s voice, complete with the wordless pause before he starts to speak at the begging of an episode?

Nov 25 2019

Once a month at work, I have 2 days when I have nothing but paperwork to do. Every few months, I come home looking completely shellshocked and miserable. And my wife will just say, “Were you listening to the Hardcore History again?” Read more

Oct 11 2019

Tough to be an MLB pitching coach when you refuse to work with lefties.

Sep 23 2019

Welcome to America in 2019, where Arians claim to be helping a Gay but really just want to set them further back.

Sep 16 2019

Think this column is on the six week or something, suggesting a podcast that actually makes it into my regular rotation. This is good, because I swear I get a little depressed when most of my podcasts somehow go on hiatus at the exact same time.

Sep 16 2019

I gotta stop reading this feature. My list of subscribed shows gets longer every time.