Brian McNally

Great send off article!  Wave goodbye to the smart site you started with and hold your head up to start another chapter.  G/O is a shitshow that doesn’t deserve your attention.   Read more

I’ve never really thought of myself as a lifestyle brand.  I just upcycle things around me into pure joy. Festival of Garlic is a potluck with a laser focus but plenty of wiggle room.   Read more

So we are all on the same page, next year will be Festival of Garlic 4:  Aporkalypse Now Read more

Are you asking why I used both or why I noted them differently? Whenever it’s a fresh plant, I call it cilantro. When it’s the seed, coriander. I know cilantro is called coriander in many places, but that’s how I differentiate it. Read more

The Spanish chorizo is a dried sausage and because of the smoked paprika in the mince, it lends a nice, smoky flavor to the dish.  Also a bit of texture that ground beef just doesn’t have Read more

Please note that the Tarbais beans are $16/ pound and not $60. Still ridiculous, but it’s worth noting.  Read more

I kind of agree, post contest. But understand that the reason I went this route is that the jalfrezi base shares about 70% of the ingredients you’d use in a traditional chili. So, I just carried it forward a bit. Hand to God, when you blend the sauce and serve with the chicken it was intended, Jalfrezi is one of the Read more

OK, Just so we are all clear, I realize the folly of the last Christmas dinner and the timing issues that ensued. It was not an hour, but it was a big lag that was unacceptable. I understand mise en place. I prep the shit out of things. The problem I have is that the largest horizontal surface in my kitchen is 24 Read more

Believe me when I tell you: I’ve seen that level. Saw a guy ask his friend for the time. His friend tips his wrist to examine his watch, but it happened to be the same hand his pint of beer was in. Tipped it all in his lap. Stuff like that all the time. Read more