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I was all on board until the end - wood cutting boards have their place, but it’s not in a normal consumer’s kitchen.  They’re a lot of work to maintain and keep clean, even more work to store if you don’t want it out all the time (you don’t want it out all the time)   Read more

Re: kitchens not having to be toxic to survive: esp. when you consider how many restaurants fail, you wonder how much crappy conditions play a role. And then I start looking at the giant restaurant chains, and we can mock at the standardized stuff and unadventurous nature of them, but then we realize they actually Read more

Oh man were you there when they were pitting different departments against each other like a totally dysfunctional family or Hitler’s officer corps? 

Thanks sharing! Why did you wash the pasta? 

Looking at Trisha’s version versus the Lifehacker one, and comparing both to the images above, I think my most persistent thought is, why is the bowl version so dry? Accounting for the fact that AA’s is family-style, rather than single-serving, she at least has you make a sausage gravy, which probably does a lot of Read more

Also, no “throat lube.” That could be provided by sautéed onions/peppers, or some kind of breakfast gravy/pan sauce if you really wanted to complete the food coma. Something so one doesn’t choke while eating this.

You’ve ruined me with your reference. Now all I can think of is how to make a breakfast timpano...

Very funny and informative. I was a bit disappointed however,  I thought you meant Garth from "Wayne's world".

Party on, Danny!

Oh wait... wrong Garth

Veganism has come a long way in the last 20 years. Like bean burgers then vs. beyond meat now is night and day. The first few bites of a hot beyond meat burger does taste like meat. I think my issue with veganism was most of the offering were pretty boring and very American White centric. There were always vegans of Read more

No one is disputing the ingredients, but they are cooked wrong.

Danny, you’re awesome. Not because of the fries, I just wanted to tell you you’re awesome.

They must be salted (ideally right when they come out of the fryer) Read more

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with expecting greatness from fast food. McDonald’s and Burger King fries are great. Popeye’s fried chicken and fried fish sandwiches are great. In-N-Out fries are garbage, even Animal-style, they’re basically Wendy’s fries-level bad.

I finally tried them a few months before the outbreak. Since I had an hour drive before I ate, I didn’t even bother buying any fries. Sounds like I didn’t miss much. Read more

Every time I see a sign at a restaurant saying they have homemade fries I know it’s about a 50/50 shot that they do them the right way.  Badly made fresh cut fries are one of the saddest foods on the much potential ruined by someone who doesn’t know proper procedure :(

Good lord, finally someone says it. I could wax rhapsodic about how attrocious these “fries” are, but suffice it to say: they are the worst food items I have ever bought from a non-grocery food establishment. They taste like if sadness could be made into cardboard. Anyone who enjoys them is best summarily ignored, and