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Hey! I agree with this too! I’m actually a huge proponent of giant plastic cutting boards you see in restaurants. I got a massive yellow one for 20 dollars. I will often put charcuterie on it to rail against the expensive Boos types. Read more

It's common in the corporate world or like, when you work for Sears (I worked at Sears for a year)

Thank you! Love them hash browns crispy

No throat lube is right. I almost doused the whole thing in hollandaise but this wasn't a "...but make it better" thing 

yo! thanks for reading. Time to shill.

Fully agree. American continental methods of cooking are garbage when applied to plant based meals. We’re the only ones fucking up tofu. Everyone else in the world gets it.

let me stop you there. hydrolyzed milk? Sign me up! Yum!

fresh fries can and regularly do taste better than In-N-Out. I don’t think anybody is CrAzY for liking them, it’s a matter of taste, but I can tell you that they fall short of a good fresh cut fry. Read more

Hell yeah Dennis and you know what you're awesome too pal

Absolutely. Thanks for saying this. Always salt RIGHT when the come out of the fryer 

I would also like to add, they should go frozen. Nothing wrong with frozen fries. I think it benefits potatoes more (see hashbrowns). Shake Shack found out the hard way going fresh. Read more

Agree. Perhaps I am used to cheese spreads on crackers and toast, not white bread

I am driving through Tennessee in a few months so I absolutely will! Thanks!!!

Hahaha Bleu cheese is that country club life tho! Pobably right about Duke’s. I mean who the hell actually knows??

I am dying this is so fucking funny hahaha