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Oh man, no...I heard about it but I never had a chance to try before it was discontinued. I wonder if they’ll ever bring it back.
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To be fair, the McDonald’s buns in most of South/Southeast Asia aren’t that great. Japan and Taiwan have the most bread-like ones, I think.
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Sounds about right. I thought maybe the local bakeries just didn’t know how to make it well, but then I actually ate one in London. I should’ve known because my British friend couldn’t believe I wanted to try it.
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Nandita’s recipes are mostly vegetarian, and they cover a pretty good range of regional food, and there are recipes for dishes that you’d only be able to find in home cooking, which is great.

Sanjeev Kapoor also has a ton of books, some of which are focused on vegetarian cooking. I have “Mastering the Art of Indian Read more

Agree that it tastes closer to queijo coalho, with the caveat that I’ve only eaten queijo minas once.
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Thank you so much for this! All the comments here make me and my friends feel less alone about Turkish delight and hot cross buns.

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If there’s any local specialty fast food that I think would be a global hit, it would be this.

Also, I gotta say, Turkish delight and hot cross buns are the two most disappointing and overhyped foods in literature.
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One of those Florida durian growers should start a business shipping durians subscription-box style. Read more

Albert Centre Market with the soya bean stall that always has one “foodie” complaining about the temperature of the soya milk? That place is great!

Yes, chicken rice is not an easy dish to make at home. Read more

Hahaha oh no! Durian ambush is a pretty terrible introduction to the fruit. Read more

Assuming this is a serious, scientific question, my opinion is that durian has a stronger sweet base note than natto so it depends on your tolerance for the combination of stinky and sweet. Also, I find that durian smells linger much longer than natto. Read more

Hahaha, I paused to wait for him to elaborate about the ass poking and he didn’t. I decided not to pursue. And it is delicious, I can’t imagine how great a truly “authentic” Hainanese chicken must taste like! Read more

You’re welcome! Yes, that’s one of the fun things about living in Hong Kong, all the sites you come across that were used in films. There’s an indie film called 6th Floor Rear Flat that was shot on my rooftop when I was living in this decrepit walk up and they had some graffiti artists come up and paint it.

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Wang Kai looks so young, I totally understand the pinching! I keep thinking he’s a recent college grad.

Oh, speaking of butch men and Chinese drama, I don’t know if you’re into crime/triad dramas, but there’s a HK one that came out last year called OCTB. It’s on Netflix, if you’ve got a subscription. I really like Hong Read more

Whoa, you have seen a lot of Wang Kai’s stuff. When a Snail Falls in Love is the only drama my parents and I agree on. I actually find it really interesting to compare Chinese/Korean/Japanese dramas, all the little differences are so fascinating (like how drinking is depicted!).

And you’re welcome! Yeah, the food in Read more

Oh! Have you seen the TV drama for Moment in Peking, I think it aired a couple of years previous?

And here you go, I put the document in a WeTransfer link:

Don’t mind the prices, they’re in Singaporean dollars because the magazine requested it. The focus was on Taipei’s art and design culture, Read more

Your description of fast-paced Koreans made me think of “Grandpas Over Flowers” show and how impatient those uncles were, haha. But then you get Taiwanese uncles and their 100000000000 questions when you go somewhere they haven’t been before and their need to look at every little thing in order to make sure they’re Read more