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A vegetarian dolsot bibimbap, soju and cider cocktails, and a perfectly ripe fuyu persimmon.

And I could have it tonight if the movers hadn’t broken my dolsot. D: 

Sounds like tiffin, which is pretty common in Britain.  Refrigerator chocolate cake.  The Queen loves it, Prince William had it at his wedding.  I just made it for my birthday last month.

For those trying to lower their daily caffeine profile, a small jar of De-Caff Instant coffee can be a useful pantry item. I’m sure it would work in this recipe.

sodastreams are great. i refill the hugest CO2 bottles with dry ice so its super cheap to use. theres a way to hook up an industrial sized tank, but im not that frugal

I drink a lot of cheap Prosecco. Add a dash of fruit to it to make it more palatable - Apricot nectar is my fave for a Bellini-ish experience. O.J. is good in a pinch. Buy a cheap bottle of Creme de Cassis and make Kir Royale. A little C de C goes a long way. My daughter left the worst flavors (imho) of a 12 pack of Read more

Ask your butcher to grind together 2lbs of ground beef, sorta lean, and grind That together with 1lb of nice fatty bacon. Form your patties, grill, and enjoy. (watch out for flare-ups!)

No thank you, but I hope you enjoyed it.

So, followup - their website has been slammed today and I and a friend are getting nothing but 504 timeout errors since the ordering window opened.  Maybe this article’s fault!

disappointed to know it doesnt have noodle pieces in it...couldve been like kugel

It might be delightful, but I’ll never know.

just a reminder that kraft cotton candy flavour boost is now in stores (across canada)

I’m fine with this because it doesn’t have their new mushy noodles in it. Seriously, bring back the old pasta recipe. Store brand is better now.

To each their own. I’ll be back in the future to read about the inevitable Hot Cheetos brand ice cream

You guys need to try this. Found it at an asian market and it was pretty good. Has cheese chunks and everything

Putting in a quick shout-out for Smash, a Norwegian junk specialty that coats salty regular Bugles in melted milk chocolate. Yet another chocolate-dipped thing? No, no, far more than that. Look them up, people. Also easy to make at home...

Bee Sting is amazing. I emphasise that the dough base is really more an unsweetened or barely sweetened fluffy bread as opposed to a cake or pastry. With the sweet custard filling and the sticky sweet topping thick with slivered almonds it’s glorious. Read more

I use bugles in my snack mix recipe.

Timing is everything. Ugh. With a high of 51F I went with a Hot Chocolate B-52: Hot Chocolate with Bailey’s, Mr. Black and Gran Marnier.