Marnie Shure
Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.

If you search “benihana onion volcano” on social media, there are lots of videos. And it’s even more impressive than I was expecting!

It’s not mandatory; it just adds a slightly richer flavor. But the semi-sweet chips already keep things from being too cloying, so you’re good. 

I agree with you! I don’t believe they’re selling singles, because it doesn’t come in the tallboy cans. Best solution I have found for this is to bring out the remainder of the 12-pack at a backyard gathering and encourage everyone to try this really weird drink. Most people are intrigued...

That’s awesome! My favorite Truly is the Pineapple, but it’s admittedly pretty sweet—the berry ones you mention are a great mix of sweet and mild.

Is there a seltzer you like the best?

To answer your question, I’d say both of those aftertastes go away much faster than with some other seltzers. I’m pretty intolerant of the fake sweetener taste, which is why I am loving the proliferation of new brands and flavors—each one approaches sweetening a bit differently, and some have found ways to really Read more

The note has been added! Sorry for the confusion.

WHOA, sorry for the omission! Must be a more recent addition, since it’s not on the Flavors page and it wasn’t in my variety pack. I can’t wait to try it.

I was thinking of going with chopped pickled jalapeno slices, which could easily be swapped in for both the black olives and/or the green chiles. My husband also suggested pimentos. Many experiments will be undertaken this summer!

We were all safe and fully vaccinated—but it’s true, the idea of gathering again takes some getting used to!

That’s actually one of the things that the Betty Crocker cookbook warns about! Breads and cakes need extra layers of things like caramelized brown sugar dusting in order to appear browned. I guess for glazed or frosted cakes this isn’t as much of an issue.

I love making stovetop popcorn! Only downside, and the way in which microwave popcorn might have an edge over homemade, is the butter application. Melting the right amount of butter and adding just-enough-but-not-too-much salt, then tossing it all so that the popcorn gets evenly coated, and then having to wash out two Read more

Totally solid! Grapefruit is a good go-to flavor because there seems to be very little variation between each brand’s interpretation of that flavor. Even this “ruby red” version tastes exactly the way you’re expecting, and the way you want it to.

Whoa, I’ll have to look out for the Press one! I tried the variety pack and that will be the topic of a future column, but I didn’t know they were playing with sweet/spicy also. Thanks for the rec!

I don’t believe we said anything in the above article about Millennials being younger than that? As for the taste, I also found it initially disappointing. But with so many brands on the market now, there is a greater variety of flavor profiles, fizziness levels, etc., so it might be a matter of finding the seltzer Read more

I love where your head is at. Super-sweet food with strong bitter coffee is always a brilliant combo.

My Midway go-to is the Reilly’s Daughter breakfast burrito. Weirdly cheap (under $7 when I had it pre-pandemic), nice flavors, perfectly sized, quick and friendly service.

Until this very moment, I hadn’t thought that there might *not* be hot dogs available at a given airport. Perhaps that’s my Chicago showing?

Fred DeLuca died in 2015, but Elisabeth DeLuca is still a co-owner, and she was the one to whom the open letter from the employees was addressed last month.