Mariam Sobh

I almost always have medjool dates in the house. When I run out I know it’s time to make a run to the middle eastern grocery store. They sell dates at the regular grocery but they’re not as plump or juicy. I am definitely a date snob.
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I have some dates in the freezer right now. I like how they can still retain a palatable texture even at sub-freezing temps. I don’t eat a lot of ice cream but dates are an integral part of my frozen fruit repertoire and also the one that doesn’t require any prep.   Read more

I love medjool dates. When I livd in Israel I’d buy these huge, extremely sticky ones and it was hard not to eat an entire bag. Read more

Annnnd I’m hungry again.
Dates are awesome, but yeah, they aren’t all created equal ^^
Sending you all the positive vibes for what’s to come, because not only would I never be able to fast, but fasting while staying at home all day ? Y’all faith are gonna be TESTED this year :)  Read more