Mariam Sobh

LOL well I have to say I’m not a fan of smokey flavored soup, so I would probably go vegetarian anyway. :) Read more

Thanks for sharing, good to know the lentils are being used to help others and aren’t being hoarded. Read more

It has definitely been strange. I wonder if we’ll see prices go up at some point. Read more

You’re right, the soup does tend to thicken after refrigeration. I would add a tiny bit of water while re-heating and stirring to get the consistency you’d like. Read more

Yes, it was based on one cup. I would say add spices to taste, I love strong flavors and some prefer It more subtle. LOL at the lemon being essential!  Read more

Thanks for sharing, I didn’t think of it that way! It has always been kataifi dough in my household and when we shred those pieces by hand even further it becomes shredded katiafi dough lol. Read more