Linze Rice
11/29/17 12:14PM

As an aside; Doughnut Holes are fried bits of heaven glazed in memberry sauce. I will eat them by the pound and feel 0 remorse for, like, at least four hours.

11/29/17 11:48AM

The bar nearest my house (in Metro Detroit) has these in both Garlic-Parmesan and Cinnamon-Sugar. They call them Dough Boys. Read more

11/29/17 11:25AM

As a native to the area, Pizza Villa’s nuggets are better than their actual pizza. BEST ones I found are in the next town over of Courtland, Dough Bros. And you’re going to want cheese sauce and pizza sauce for the best experience.

11/29/17 11:11AM

If you’re going to fry some dough, I’m pretty sure I’m going to like it. No acquiring taste necessary!

11/29/17 10:55AM

A few of the mid-level Italian/pizza joints have them, they usually call them pizza puffs or something similar, even though they’re just like this, puffs of dough you can dip in marinara or nacho cheese sauce. I wish more places offered them as an appetizer, because they are both delicious and have to be stupid cheap Read more

11/29/17 10:49AM

Beer nuggets are the ultimate answer when you get a hunger pang and “Hey, can I order tasty bread? Nah, just tasty bread. Yup. Bread only, your tastiest please. Thanks.” is the most reasonable statement at the time. And don’t pretend like you don’t know that feeling when you come home from work, check for food, are Read more

11/29/17 10:40AM

Damn, man...I want that to move north.

11/29/17 9:26AM

What a perfect accompaniment to Buffalo wings. This needs to become a thing.

11/29/17 7:52AM

I love weird regional stuff like this. I would guess these are similar to “Pizza fries” that we have in Minnesota (kind of breadsticks, but not really). You have to wonder how it doesn’t travel as people move from small cities to slightly bigger cities.

9/18/14 12:04PM

I understand why people would feel like they couldn't talk about this. If we're being honest about feelings here, I honestly felt no sympathy for the women above. To be honest, I saved all my sympathy for their children. Read more